Can U delete this account please !

I have a profile with 3 accounts one of them named ( epiz_22989482 ) suspended for the second time due to high cpu usage however I do nothing to use high cpu just I was opening the wordpress control panel do nothing ! … Now I need the domain connected to the account , I can’t wait for 24 hrs , The site is for Project in my study not for profits and I need the domain as soon as possible , So please can one of the admins delete the account or free the domain from it
Hoping Your help … Thanks in advance

I’m sorry, but you have to wait for 24 hours for the account to be reactivated before you can make changes to it.

Also, I’m not sure why you need to unpark the domain name in the first place. If you want to host it on another account or another hosting provider using the same system as we do, the CPU limits would be exactly the same and you’d run into the exact same issue. So you might as well keep using your current account.

If you want to move the domain to a completely different provider, you can just do so from your domain registrar, no need to remove the domain here first.