Can someone help?

can someone help me this giving this error

InfinityFree doesnt allow those .br domains. I think I have a workaround this maybe will not work but giving it a go.

Step One
Go to and sign up.
Click “Add Sites” and put in your domain.
Change to the Nameservers which Cloudflare provided.
If you see A records delete all of those by clicking on it and selecting “delete”
Now create two A records with name as @ for the first one and www for the second one and the content being for both. Make sure the Clouds are Grey!
and click confirm.
Wait 1-2 hours for propagation and please say here if it works.

This is a test so I cannot confirm it will work.

I did what you asked so just wait and see if it will work

hasn’t worked yet is giving the same error

Don’t change the name servers
Please try to add it to your account. And have you set the A records?

No it’s not working. It’s because the servers checks domain’s nameserver first before adding it

5 Likes domains can’t be hosted here due to a catch-22 with the nameserver checks. This article explains it in more detail:


ohk didnt know

You could set it as a cname record to your Infinity Free account’s subdomain so it at least would lead to your website. It wouldn’t be ideal, but it would be better than nothing.

Ok, yes.

how would i do?

it is showing an error

Through your domain’s DNS configuration. Add a new one of cname type that points to your website address on Infinity Free. Your domain registar should of instructions on how to do it if it is possible there.

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