Can not see full page of my web site

Hi, I upload my site, it works. But I can not see my web on full screen in my Google Chrome

it has wide blank sides.
What could be the reason please?
Thank you very much


Domain name? so that we can check…

Besides, can you describe in a little more detail what the picture you put up should show?

white lines? / space - because img is smaller than your resolution?

the map is not displayed on full screen?

or your entire website?

or is the problem in Chrome itself and does not want to open any page in full screen?


Thanks, this is my domain
My entire website us not displayed on full screen. Other pages on my Chrome works fine
Thank you again.

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the size of your map is conditioned by this

and whoever has a higher resolution than the above will see the blank around


Thank you. Is there a way I can change it?


@YuvalM (updated post with new stuff)

I have to reverse all your code to give you a better answer but I don’t have time for that so here’s a quick one :smile:

try to list the parameters like this width:100%;height:100%;

ops - its broke it

Ok try this

  #map {


other 2

maybe there is some javascript or something like that could all scaled it

but this is not what you would like…

Why don’t you use google maps api? (select javascript version there / free)

and there you have immediately the option for full-screen button [ ]



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