Can I use the same database on two accounts?

Two of my websites (on InfinityFree) are using MediaWiki as the software, and I want to add a extension called CentralAuth (to make sure the users are able to login both of them via one account, and reduce the risk of spoofing). But according to mediawiki’s official docs, I need to make sure they can share a same database.
So, I created a database for website “B” on the account of my website “A”. But later, the website “B” cannot access to the database (it said so when I open its mainpage).

May I use the same database on two accounts? I want to know whether it is restricted or just my error configuring.


Sorry, I made a mistake.

I mean I cannot edit any pages. Including creating a new account, logging in, entering pages like “Special:AbuseFilter”. But I still can just read pages or search pages. (In another way to say, probably I can just read but cannot write.)

It depends. If both websites are on the same hosting account, then the answer is yes.



Yes, you can do this. All website servers can communicate to all database servers, so you can use the database of one account in the website of another account.

All you need to do is make sure that the username and password of account A (hosting the database) are configured on account B (hosting the website). Of course, you cannot login with the credentials of one account to the database of another account.

The only thing to be aware about is that accounts may be marked as inactive if they don’t get any website traffic, and may be suspended or deleted. So please make sure to not use an account only for database hosting for other accounts, as you may find that this database is inaccessible all of a sudden because we believe the account is unused.


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