Can I use cloudflare NS records for addon domains?

Hi, I am setting up a new website. I registered the domain name with CloudFlare, since I know that registering domains with CloudFlare is super cheap. The problem is: CloudFlare won’t let me change my nameservers. All I can change is my NS records. Will InfinityFree still accept this after the 72 hours DNS propagration? Finally, my username is epiz_30655583.

The answer is no. You need to change to another registrar that allow changing of nameservers


I just register that hours ago, it won’t let me

You need to wait 60 days to change registrar


What? I’ve done that myself. And it works like a charm :white_check_mark:!

Are you sure CloudFlare is your domain registrar?


Cloudflare does not allow you to change your nameservers, so it should be impossible to use a CF domain here. Can you share how you set it up, as well as the domain name?


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