Can i upload a full front end React appliacation

Can i upload a full front end React application with Node.js onto infinity free is so how do i add the npm run function?

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We do not support backed JavaScript (Node.js) here. Free hosting does also not supply command line / SSH access.



While we don’t have Node.js or SSH access, you can still host a React app with us.

Frontend frameworks like React don’t need Node.js to run in production. In development, using Node.js is easy to have a nice and simple web server that auto-reloads if you change any files. But you don’t need it in production.

Instead, you can build your React project on your own computer (or somewhere else), and upload the generated files to your account.

Only Node.js server applications cannot be hosted with us.


Does iFastNet support Node.js on VPS hosting plans?

I’m just curious. I do Node development too.

I think they do? You can ask for specifics about the plan you are interested in.


It’s a VPS, a Virtual Private Server. The “Private Server” means, “it’s all yours” meaning you’re free to install pretty much whatever you want in it.

They don’t really “support” anything because it’s an unmanaged VPS, but by the nature of the product you don’t need them to.


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