Can I stop daily hits used when almost reach the limits

hellow everyone may i ask please can i stop daily hits used when iam almost reached the limit

ex : Web stop loading or doesnt load in 40.000 Daily hits used to avoid getting suspended ?

Not that I know of. If your hosting account keep exceeding these limits, you should consider premium hosting

Check how much your visitors and how much files loaded in 1 page.

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Wait, wasn’t that 50,000?

It is but he wants to pause website before limit is exceeded. Unfortunately, the utilisation rates are not real time


hey may i ask? how many visitors you will get if daily limit 50,000 ? (On your website)

It depends on how you design your website

In a nutshell, it is based on the number of files requested in a single request to the server. If you have a small site, you’re all good. But if you have a medium traffic site with many files requested in a query, then you may get suspended.


I don’t think this is possible, for a few reasons:

  • You can’t read the number of recorded hits for your website programmatically.
  • Even if you do have a “kill switch” in your website, your website needs to handle the kill switch logic, which means any requests still reach your account, which means they are still counted as hits from our perspective.

Also, why would you want to shut down your website yourself to prevent it from getting shut down by us? Your website gets shut down either way, isn’t it?


There would be a gain in shutting it down if that loses some visits in the last few hours of a day rather than disappearing for the whole of the next day and losing all of those visits. I don’t see that being a useful fix though. It would make more sense to focus on minimising the number of hits counted by each page load through more careful site design (with less automated bloat from popular web site building packages). If that isn’t possible, then the only sane option is to pay for hosting with higher limits and get adverts in to pay the costs.

With so many people visiting in a day, unless it is the government’s official website about applying for people’s aid, it may cause deactivation
The government is open for application, the official website will be, can not be accessed