Can I reuse an old subdomain folder?

I have an old subdomain folder that can’t be deleted, and I’m wondering if I can reuse that same folder for a new subdomain?

@anon20706563, yes that is possible! Btw, next time can you please fill in the template as it helps us to understand better and find the solution more efficiently.

Okay, and how would I reuse it? I’m guessing I just rename the folder to what I want the new subdomain to be and then I add the new subdomain as usual in my account settings?

@anon20706563, There is an option for subdomain in the panel. You can create a new one from there and let the old subdomain folder stay as it has nothing hosted there or it is a valid subdomain for people to reach out there. Maybe someone else might have registered the same, it is possible😁.

Okay, That’s not what I want to do. I’m wanting to reuse an old folder. Thanks for trying to help anyway. :blush:

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@anon20706563, but its basically of no use

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Unfortunately, you cannot re-use old folders as they are created by the system. You can rename them to something like “old” or “deleted” if you wish.

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What would happen if I tried this?

Possible it may work, never tried this

It would probably give an error or just create a new folder

I’ve never tried this, but I don’t see why it wouldn’t work. After all, if you delete one domain from your account and then add the same domain again, it will just use the folder that’s already there. So if you rename another folder into the desired domain and then add the domain, I don’t see why it wouldn’t just pick up the folder.

No, that’s not what I mean. I’m wanting to use a DIFFERENT subdomain to replace the folder for the OLD subdomain.

So you want to delete the folder and create a new subdomain?
Or do you want to re-create the subdomain?
Now I don’t understand either!

I don’t think you can rename the sub-domain folders at all. Chucks me an error if I try.
edit: or delete them, that’ll give you an error too

The sub-domain folders can be renamed, but not removed. This is due to the permissions that are set by the server admin.

I want to use the old folder again for a new subdomain.

I can rename it. That’s not a problem. Just change the permissions of the folder inside.

I know that.

Will the subdomain have the same name as before? Does the folder conain data that you want on your new subdomain? If so, just copy and paste the htdocs folder.

And that’s exactly what I mean.

You have a folder with the name of one domain, and you want to move this folder and use it for a different domain.

So I said:

In other words: yes, you can just rename the folder and add the new domain.