Can I reduce the data that is sent from the server?

Hello, I am running phpvms, and unable to connect to my account from the windows software just because the server returns with tok much data!

I just used Postman to send a post request to the kACARSII module and getting the following data from the site.

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It should be returning something like this

<?xml version="1.0"?> 9 Bad Session Key

That’s because you can only use your InfinityFree account to host websites, not API services. To access a script on your account, the visitor needs to pass a security challenge first. For normal web browsers, this is no problem, but desktop apps, mobile apps, external sites and bots can’t access your site.

Hmmm Ok

Butt are you planning to host any APIs?

@AidasP said:
Butt are you planning to host any APIs?

No, we have no plans to lift this restriction at this time.