Can i migrate to a new hosting provider and use your panel?

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Website Temp Suspended due to using the maximum daily usage

My website got suspended since yesterday due to maximum daily CPU Usage , and i know that the website suspension will be released after 24 hours as per the email i have received, but my inquiry is can i transfer to new hosting provider and use your panel that i have created my website on it? or what is the best advise i can get from your side?

Best advice is probably buy a VPS (I suggest and use windows server 2019, it has a built in control panel.

You can find tutorials on IIS and hosting websites on Windows Server 2019

Thanks but i’m thinking to go for Google cloud as it’s also for free

Yes you can also use this, although it needs credit card info so if you are willing to input that, go ahead.

do you have any idea about this website

No but just reviewing now, it doesn’t have any free domains you need to assign your own, and I’m pretty sure it is using the plain classic hosting reseller template.

i don’t want any free domain because i already have one

Then you could probably use it although probably better to use a well known paid host for security and privacy reasons.

All up to you

but how can i migrate my website i created on the panel to the new hosting provider?


Works importing to infinity and exporting

Our panel is proprietary application integrated with our hosting stack. It’s only used on our free hosting servers and cannot be used somewhere else.

Just be aware that while VPS and web hosting accounts can be found at similar price points, they are entirely different products. Both have their pros and cons. And if you’re looking for a different web hosting provider, don’t let someone sell you VPS and tell you “it’s better than web hosting”. Server administration is a job and a skill, and not something that’s mastered by copy-pasting commands from a tutorial.

Also, please keep in mind that this is the InfinityFree forum, and you posted a question in the InfinityFree Hosting Support category. That doesn’t make it OK to advertise competitors.


Thank you but can you please tell me how i can release my Domain as i transferred to another hosting provider but i can’t access the website till now it shows me that the website is suspended from your side!!

We don’t hold your domain name. Your domain is still with your domain registrar, as it has always been. If you change the DNS of your domain to your new hosting provider, then it’s done.

Note that this change may not be visible instantly. But this is caused by DNS caching on your end, which is not something we have any control over.


Apologies in advance if I technically did this by suggesting specific website

after the release of the Account Suspend , i tried to open the panel and the website but i find it not secured , however there is SSL Certificate, So can you please advise what to do?

Just go back to the Free SSL Certificates page and scroll down on the page. There is one box which tells you about the SSL status. If that one shows the certificate is valid, just scroll down to the next box and read the instructions in there.

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