Can i make a survey website

Hello i did not know a proper catagory to put this in so sory if its the wrong one. I am wondering if i am allowed to make something like a survey website that collects responses from people who take the surveys on the website im wondering if this is allowed on your hosting service. So basicly what im saying is can i make a custom alternative to google forms.

I think the question here is are you prepared to make a survey website?

There are certain limits (like hit counters) here that may make it more difficult to make the website work here, but overall yes… we do allow it.


Ok thanks, I am actually ready to make my website but i was just wondering since i could not find anything in the “Help Center” section the main thing I’m worried about now is storage for storing users response’s can i store large amounts of files max 3kb each?

Infinityfree has “unlimited storage”. However, there is a disk quota limit, meaning you can only store so many files, and each file is limited in size to up to 10 mb. In addition there is an inodes limit that limits the amounts of files you can make to around 30,000.
Therefore, it’s basically a half-truth, but the reality is that nothing is “unlimited” (it goes against the laws of physics because the more space you take up the more material you need to build storage devices/computers. Unlimited space requires unlimited material, which is impossible). Infinityfree otherwise has very generous limits for a free hosting service.


Don’t forget about inodes as well. Inodes are basically the maximum number of pure files your allowed to upload. The inodes limit is 30,000 files. This is a common number for cheap hosting services

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Shd be 30000


When I said file quota, I meant inodes (turns out tho that disk quota exists too, so I edited my post to include both of them).

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As with any kind of hosting platform, there are limits to how much traffic it can handle. This is true from free hosting all the way to the global networks of the largest sites in the world.

Don’t let people here scare you too much. You probably won’t hit most of them ever, and free hosting is a great place to start!


Just what I was saying.

Unlimited anything is impossible because it goes against the laws of physics. Unless you can create energy/matter from nothing and have unlimited space, unlimited bandwidth/storage or whatever else is impossible.

The reason people say “unlimited” on some thing is because there are some resources are so highly available reaching a limit would be extremely hard even for websites with heavy traffic.



That said, you can create small amounts of matter and energy thus breaking the first law of thermodynamics on the quantum scale, but it’s much too small to be effective in any way.

One thing I don’t like in infinityfree though is the MySQL limits. In my opinion it is very low. Then again, however, I myself don’t know how much server power MySQL takes up. It would be much better hosting MySQL from a remote service instead of at infinityfree.

I, myself use files instead of MySQL to store things since it’s a much more comfortable and spacious way to store data.

Again, this is a free hosting website so it’s not going to have the highest limits you’ve ever seen.

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wat. Last time I checked this is was a Forum. Not Science Class :face_vomiting:

How dare you insult science.

It is the thing that allowed infinityfree to be a thing (not to mention your computer and your love for coding)!

Basically I’m saying here that there is no such thing as unlimited hosting.

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Is that some sarcasm?
Hmmmmm, if so then I think u need to read this bud.


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he made a Sarcasm i guess.

you folks are off-topic i guess @anon2458064 @Thewebuser22

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Sorry bout that!

I’m still saying that unlimited hosting is impossible.

With the technology we have today it cannot be achieved, so don’t expect any website claiming unlimited resources to be 100% true to their campaign.

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