Can i delete free domain and make parked domain primary?

Hi Admin,
(The obvious way is to create a new account and move all the files, however I want to avoid that as I will need to re-point cloudflare and GA.)

So I have a free and my parked domain points to the files.

My question is can I delete the free domain and make my custom domain name the default without affecting the directory structure?


No you cannot. Another way is adding through Addon domains but then you’ve to move your files.

Also why do you want to remove the subdomain?


AFAIK you can remove the subdomain through the Addon Domains menu which may leave your parked domain in tact. But if not, maybe just leaving the free subdomain where it is is the most simple way forward. You can use .htaccess rules to redirect the subdomain to your custom domain, or even block access to it entirely.


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