Can I connect to IFastNet database with a Python script located on browser?

Then you would usually have a server side application to handle it. Our hosting isn’t suitable for that either due to limitations, but premium hosting could be used. You can either write the server application in PHP, or also write it in Python using a web framework like Django, Flask or FastAPI. Especially Django makes it quite easy to write basic CRUD functionality for your database with a lot more security.

With things like movement information, the most important thing you need is that it should be low latency. Nobody likes laggy game where the movement of other players is delayed a lot.

Sending the data directly from client to client is how it’s done most commonly I think, but you could also relay the information through a server. Regardless, I think you’ll need some way to push data to the client with state updates, which a relational database doesn’t do well. Websockets are one way to do it which can be hosted on a web hosting service. If not, you’re looking at building your own protocol, but then you’ll need something more flexible than web hosting.