Can I connect my Subdomain

I’ve an domain. Then I created And now I want to connect on this free hosting. In short, I want to connect my own subdomain. Is that possible on the free hosting?

Yeah custom domains is accepted here but you should point the domain to respective ip or name server


Means I can point my own custom sub-domain :star_struck: :star_struck:

Do you use Cloudflare or any Dns managers?

No actually my domain is pointed on blogger. Now I want to create a subdomain and connect to this free host.

i have not used blogger before

what’s that custom domain name?

Also where you you got your domain from?

It’s not formally supported, but it should work.

An important requisite is that you can set custom NS records at your current DNS provider. If you create two NS records on your domain for the reviews subdomain and point them to and, you should be able to add the domain to your account.



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Ok thanks I’ll try.

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