Can I access phpmyadmin from a domain rather than the IP?


I use infinityfree’s hosting to learn web development as a hobby, often during school hours. Unfortunately, this school has an excessive firewall that prevents access to multiple key features that are required for what I am trying to do, most notably, database management, as connecting directly to an ip address rather than a proper domain is automatically restricted. Would it be possible to access phpmyadmin under my website’s directory as a URL, or maybe as a subdomain? If possible, that would be great.

As far as I am concerned, no.

The IP address is configured to be accessed by it only and does not have an assigned domain.

You might be able to use a proxy or separate server to access the server for you, but to access it from a domain then Infinityfree would have to configure a domain for it to run on.

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Abd the answer is no. You can try installing a phpmyadmin installation via Softaculous

Unfortunately, phpMyAdmin can only be accessed on the IP address right now.

While you can install phpMyAdmin yourself, it’s quite unwieldy in my experience. Adminer is a lot simpler to set up.


You need to download the phpmyadmin and install or upload to your ftp and from there I think you can access it the phpmyadmin from your domain

No, because of the way the system is setup, that will not work.


As a solution suggestion, if you have access to such a feature: Use the hotspot on your phone instead of the school’s network. Connect your computer to your phone’s hotspot to do any mySQL things you might want to do. Anything you might want to do on phpMyAdmin uses very little data so even if you’re hotspot usage is very limited it’s not going to cause your phone’s hotspot data limit to be reached too quickly.

That might be an easy way around your situation with being on a restricted network.


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