Broken website

So, I recently found InfinityFree and all went well with the small one-pager I had. I used Mobirise to make it (well, I’m not much of a programmer). All appeared fine - but I decided to add several other .html files and added links to the original index.html - and that made the website completely broken (all of the pages).

Every page is supposed to have a black background (it has white), images are placed off-screen, the text is badly placed etc. I wouldn’t post this here, but when I open the original .html file locally, it works as it should. Even if I download the website from the FTP server and run it locally, it works. It only appears broken when hosted. I opened the .html in Adobe Dreamweaver and it looked fine as well.

The website is There are 7 .html files and all of them are broken when hosted. Here is a screenshot of a locally open index.html:

And here is an image from the website:
(as a new user I cannot put 2 links in a post, so I have to just leave it here for you to copy-paste…)

Well, there is a ‘dislikes: my hopes and dreams being crushed’ on the page, so o o f I guess. It’s just a small personal website (idk my friends made one and I followed).

Thanks in advance, Onegen.

I am terribly sorry. Can you please lock or remove this post? Again, sorry.

Two words: browser cache.
Realised 5 seconds after posting.