Bringing website to InfinityFree

Free hosting doesn’t have SourceGuardian loaders installed. We do have IonCube though, in case you have software that needs that. Premium hosting does support SourceGuardian as an optional extension.

I’m not sure what this object-cache.php file is for, or what generated it. A quick Google search tells me that there are a few different plugins that could be generating this file, including Object Cache Pro, Performance Lab or W3 Total Cache. Which of them produces this file (if any), or why they encrypt it with SourceGuardian, I don’t know. It’s also possible that it’s actually malware that’s embedded in your site, using an innocent file name and source code encryption to hide it’s true nature.

In any case, my first next step would be to delete or rename this file so it’s not loaded anymore, and see what happens. If it’s from a caching plugin, it may just fix this issue.