Bought a domain with dynadot, set nameservers correctly, put it on InfinityFree but still get errors

I’ve bought the domain today, with dynadot (a registrar).

I’ve set the nameservers to and and then made an account on InfinityFree and set custom domain to

I uploaded my website’s files to the control panel but I’m still getting errors when loading. I also tried ipconfig /flushdns and I’m on

Edit (again): I’ve found an article on the forums with someone that had a similar php issue saying to press ctrl+f5 on my website. I did it and now nothing loads, at all.

For reference, screenshots:

Hello there,

Your site seems to be working fine here:

Also please take note that it takes up to 24-48 hours for DNS records to fully propagate worldwide, it also depends with the TTL value of your DNS records.


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