I have a books archive and I want to share it on mywebsite.
I created my website with wordpress.
what is easy way for add there my books. :thinking: Also I want a chat tab that people can talk there about books and share somethings. so they can stay online on myweb … :nerd_face: thanks for your solution suggestions :partying_face:

No chat allowed on free hosting


Hello @cointas :wave:

That’s not possible as free hosting doesn’t entertain websites with chat features.

Using a WordPress Plugin? WordPress Books Gallery – WordPress plugin |

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it’s that plugin active now.but my website still same .no any changes . :roll_eyes: :sweat: :weary:

I would really appreciate if you could share your website url.

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You need to use the shortcode: [wp_books_gallery] to display your books in your web page.

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