Blank Site

help, when i upload my site it won’t show anything.
it just showing blank page.
tried to install apps using softaculous had the same problem.
but i still can acces my already installed wordpress.
here the screenshot for my problem.
my site :

I checked the page as well, but Chrome shows that the page returned an error status code. This is usually caused by an error in your code causing the script to crash, however errors are not displayed so you don’t see the error messages in the browser.

I suspect this issue is caused by the fact that you are using PHP 7 for your domain. PHP 7 is a major version upgrade, meaning it introduces a lot of breaking changes compared to PHP 5 (which is why it was version 7.0 and not version 5.7). A lot of scripts are not compatible yet with PHP 7. If a script installed through Softaculous doesn’t work and you’re using PHP 7, try to downgrade to PHP 5.6 first and see if that solves the problem.

Okay thank’s. Thing’s are working perfectly after i downgrade my php version.