blank page with debuge is true

my site is and my user is epiz_22436693
i upload my file of site in htdocs/ and correct db setting and still i have blank page with no really error …debug is true and php config is on …
can you help me?
it’s force major for me


the first thing I see is redirection to www
after that you seem to have 404 for this file/dir

probably something with paths and .htaccess
maybe there’s something left of “ex-installation” if you did something like that

admin will tell you more because it has insight into the files

In my browsers network log, I see the page does return a status code of 200, which means the code ran successfully and did not crash (that would result in a status code 500).

Could you please double check your code is actually outputting content? Like adding a few echo statements at various points in the program to see the right content is being passed around?