Blank home page?!


I don’t know why I’m getting a blank page as my homepage. Can someone help me?
This is my url

index.html is a follow:


.htaccess :
DirectoryIndex index.html


Tan Tran.

I checked and can’t also access your website. So there is another option remaining: you removed the subdomain from your account. If you want your visitors to access your website, please add the subdomain from the “Subdomains” section of the Control Panel and then upload your website files on yourdomain/htdocs/, where yourdomain can be replaced with your domain, with either the File Manager or an FTP client.


I don’t know why the default htdocs direction did not work. I created a new domain like you said and it works, at least it works from my end, can you check it and tell me if you can see it as well?

Thanks a lot, I appreciate your help.

Tan Tran.

Yes, I can see that domain as well.

Perfect, thanks again.

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