Bingbot reading HTTPS robots.txt incorrectly

Yeah, because Bing can access your webpage. I guess the Live URL system, however, is not allowed. I’m assuming that was what they were talking about here:

However, like said, Bing should be able to crawl your website (correctly):


So while your webpage is indexed, Live URL does not seem to be able to get the contents of the webpage.

That’s what I can gather from this, anyways.

The guy in the other topic showed the same problem, the image that he showed and yours has the same results, which makes me think that the security system is the problem, like mentioned in that topic:

I believe then, because this seems similar (with what I can make out anyways), that this would be the solution:


This is from what I can tell, anyways. Someone could pipe in with more information if they need, but I know that a lot of bots will have problems with indexing your website (as in, the full functionality may not be available). That is deliberate, so as to avoid the bad bots (even though good ones may be blocked in the process, which is just another trade-off for using this system):