BIG error. Take Subdomains from anybody

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Why i can Take subdomains from anybody who have there Nameserver on and ns2…

What do you mean?

You cannot claim a subdomain if it is already in use on another account. Also, you can only make subdomains from the provided base domain names, or domain names that you have connected to your account.


I can Use Domains from Others

Like someone have

I can Use or other

No, you cannot. Where do you see this?


I Go the a random Person using a own Domain and using Infinityfree and i try and i come to the next Tap for description and so and then i can “Register” IT If IT has Infinityfree nameserver and so on

But i dont have prove i only saw that in MY domain With other acc and other ip

I am still not sure what you mean.

As long as the base domain is pointing to InfinityFree nameservers, and is not connected to an account, yes, you can add it to yours. But the possibility of you finding a domain with InfinityFree nameservers that has not been added to a hosting account is pretty slim.

As for subdomains, it is impossible to register those if the domain is (A) not a free one, or (B), not owned by you


For example someone owns and has it registered into their Infinityfree acc and it’s his and his name servers are on so I can add a subdomain to his Domain and this Subdomain is then in MY acc

Sry translate is broken

No, you cannot.

If you own, and you added it to your Hosting Account, you can make any subdomain you wish on the apex domain

You can register any subdomain of one of our free provided apex domains if another person or you has not already registered it, for example,

If, for say, your friend registered and added it to his hosting account, you cannot make any subdomain of on your hosting account. However, your friend could make the subdomain for you and then send you credentials so you can upload your site to that domain, although this is discouraged.

In short, you can only register subdomains on apex domains that you have added to your account or one of our free provided apex domains (e.g., and


In fairness if you believe that you have found a way to add subdomain of someone else domain to your account without permission then you can always contact iFastNet about how you do that, it could be a bug.


It’s not supposed to be possible to register the subdomains of other people. This was a bug before, but then it was fixed. But I just checked and it seems like the issue has been reintroduced somehow.

I’ve asked iFastNet to investigate this issue, as this is a problem in the hosting platform.


It’s a bug like the admin said

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