Basic cron question - how to see activity log?

I’m used to having a little more control over CRON, so I’m struggling to debug what is going on.

I have a php file which has permissions 755 and is located in a subfolder of my htdocs folder.

I have it set to run currently every 2 minutes (only so that I can see what is happening), but it doesn’t appear to be executing.

I don’t get any emails telling me about failures of the job, and I’ve added the following line into the script to try to get some sort of logging achieved but nothing is being written to the file logthis.txt which is located in the same subfolder as the .php script file.

How can I work out what’s going wrong here? What output can I see to evidence that the cron task has run and whether it has failed or succeeded when all I seem to be able to do is specify the frequency and then call it through the CRON configuation where the line “” is shown as the php command (obviously I’ve anonymised the path etc above).

Thanks for any help steering me in the right direction!!

Right now, there is no way to check the output or status of a cron job. The results are not logged or emailed right now.

Just to be sure: can you open the cron job URL yourself? And is the result successful if you do that?

Also, next time, please use the Support Forums if you need help with your account and fill in the topic template.

Thanks, got it working in the end by adding lines in the php script to write out to a custom log file so I could keep an eye on it

Better that this is posted in the open forum than via a support ticket so others can learn from my mistakes!!

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