Hey Im not abling to send message in forum from my other account it is showing needs an admin review in the recent post. Also Could you please help to fix this

Where do you upload files? you must put them into htdoces if you didn’t before :slight_smile:

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bud its wordpress

Try removing and adding the domain again in an account here on InfinityFree. That should fix the 404 Page Not Found error.

oh I didn’t noticed about the custom domain!

make sure to point your domain correctly to your host and also domain be registered via your cpanel

You’re telling you’re using WP it’s in htdoces.

Also htdocs is folder. not php application like WordPress :grinning:

But you can’t check if the domain is registered with the Control Panel! You must go on the domain registrar’s panel to check that!

i meant their registering. not altering or checking the domain :grinning:

Ah. But “registering” a domain in that case means to add it on the Control Panel, not register it!

well its fix now

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