Bad getaway 502

My website URL is:

What I’m seeing is: 502 Bad Gateway


I’m using this software: Opera

Additional information: What that means? please help!

And me - I am having the same problem with my website…

Is it a bigger problem than our two sites?

See this post on the Knowledge Base for more info.
EDIT: Even to me it does the same thing, but with CloudFlare on! Check!

Maybe it’s a server bug?

Someone should report this “502 Bad Gateway” error on our websites to iFastNet, even if I have registered a new domain ( and pointed it to AWS to then use Cloudflare, so the problem will be resolved quickly on my website. I hope this.


mine fixed too


i have the same problem with my three domain

It now works, so someone can close the topic now.

for me its not working

I saw an Iranian person here but can’t find any people from my country( Turkey)

yours is works to me fine. that was a moment bug XD

how it possibe i can open yours but not mine

they’ll work as soon as possible XD

Sites are going up and down. On two of my sites one is up, another is down. Almost all sites that are posted here have 502 nginx.

I got confused XD.

post site links please?

i tested more than 8 country vpn but the same error comes

IF and ifastnet never ban country ip. that’s a server bug at all

another problem is there i cant login in ifastnet too

ifastnet have also problems

may two sites belong to you hosted by Ifastnet?

the middle site works fine to me