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I use Cloudflare. I have a main hosting account on the main domain (and it works fine), and a different account on the dev subdomain.
A few weeks ago the subdomain was working fine, but now it throws a Bad Gateway error if I try to access it while proxied. While not proxied (DNS Only) it still works fine. I’d like to have it proxied while also working, is it possible?

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Can you screenshot Cloudflare DNS and post is here? No need to white-out anything.


That’s because the IP is wrong for the subdomain. It should be


That would make the subdomain redirect to my main hosting account, which is not configured with the subdomain. I would like to route the subdomain to the separate hosting account, while also having it proxied by cloudflare.

Is this possible or should I just go and configure the subdomain on the main account?

No possible on free hosting.
Subdomain need to be hosted on the same hosting account as the base domain in order to work


Is this a new change? It worked flawlessly previously, and if I turn off proxying (DNS Only mode) it works fine.

What was the setup then? Was the subdomain on the same hosting account as the base domain?

No, it wasn’t. The main domain is on epiz_29475060 and the subdomain was and still is on epiz_32041917.

Did you ever transfer the base domain to epiz_32041917?

No, I haven’t.

Strange…if you did not setup epiz_32041917 with, then it would not be possible for you to create the dev subdomain


From what I remember, in CF I set the records of the subdomain to NS then changed it to A to get the CF proxying. I possibly could set it back to NS records but then I lose the proxying.

Well, if the subdomain is not added to hosting account, there is no way you can get a valid A record.
Something seems broken…


I meant the subdomain is also added to the separate hosting account. Sorry

I ended up turning off domain proxying. But I do hope I will be able to reenable it in the future.

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