Good morning, please I would like to get a backup of my website because I deleted it by accident and wanted the latest version. João de Souza Matos.

Unfortunately, we don’t have backups. If you deleted it, it’s gone.

You can still recover part of your site if you are using a CMS like WordPress, since the data is stored elsewhere and remain intact.


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I lost the most updated version of my website, the WordPress forum said I could get it from you

But then we told you you can’t.

The only thing that can save you is the database. Here’s an old post which comes from the last disk corruption, and we successfully recovered the site. Prepare some time though.


The people on the WordPress forum definitely can’t help you get back a website you deleted. If you don’t have backups, then the only other people in the world who could have backups would be us. So the people on the WordPress forum were right to point you in our direction.

But that we could have backups doesn’t mean we actually do. Premium hosting includes regular backups for your website, but free hosting doesn’t. So sometimes your hosting provider has backups, but we don’t.


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