Backup Restore

Hello guys, I’m having trouble with restoring my infinity-free backup…
I got backup using Filezilla, htdocs, and database…by following inifinity free backup guide.
but now I need to restore it for the same domain. which I got backup from.
Please give me step by step guide to restoring my backup to publish my website the same as before.
Thank you all for your time…
[Sorry for my bad English]

Should be similar to this


Thank you, brother. but I’m looking for step by step guide, from the beginning. cause I’m a beginner. :slightly_smiling_face: means, uploading “htdocs”.to the web server.
to clarify the situation, I got broke my website. Luckily I got a backup to restore.
what should I do? I uninstalled WordPress. I need to start from the beginning. appreciate it if you can provide step by step guide like below.

  1. install WordPress.

Thank you for your valuable time.

This thread should help.

Take note some functions are no longer available.


The “how to migrate your website to InfinityFree” is pretty much what you need to do. You could also have a look at the Moving WordPress article from WordPress themselves, it’s pretty much the same process but they have written it for WordPress, while our article is for our hosting.

In short the process is:

  1. Upload the downloaded websites files to the htdocs folder of your site with FTP.
  2. Create a new database in your account.
  3. Import the database backup through phpMyAdmin.
  4. Update the wp-config.php file with the credentials of your new database.
  5. If necessary, update the website URL in WordPress. You can do this through the config file or through the database. Detailed instructions for each method is available here:

Please don’t install a fresh copy of WordPress if you’re trying to import an existing site.


Thank you Admin… but unfortunately I did that earlier… uninstalled WP that’s why this got so hard to do… but somehow I passed that nightmare…Reinstalled WP and messed up with everything… :rofl: :rofl: but finally now the site is online again. thanks for your time admin appreciate it…keep up the good work… :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:
(again, sorry for my corrupted English)


Sadly…this massage is strange to me and I’m not a pro on WordPress. just started WordPress 2 months earlier. still learner. I’m sorry :disappointed_relieved: :disappointed_relieved:… you can look around the problem on the internet or just start a new forum with that problem… if someone knows, they will respond.