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Hello, I know that there is no backup option for free accounts, but I would like to ask you, if you have the opportunity to send me today’s backup of files from the hosting and database, which was made before 14:00 EET (+0200), I would be very grateful to you, because by my mistake my site can no longer work as before the incident.

If you did not create any backup on your own, then no one can help you


I have a backup of the site itself, so at least the database for this month will be enough, because more than 300 news are lost

Glad to hear that. At least not all will be lost

This is free hosting, we don’t take backups here. So even if we wanted to provide you with a backup (and we do), we can’t, simply because it does not exsist.

Backups take up server space, and since you and other free users are not paying for that space, we have to make it last as much as possible.


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