Backup of my site

Hello infinity free team,
I am here to tell that in this account i was making a demo website for a client who wanted a mutivendor website on wordpress.
It was nearly setup till yesterday and today was the time to deliver it but when i saw the site its was suspended due to the hight cpu usage. Idk how much the WordPress took your cpu that it got suspended for 24 hrs or idk how you guyz calculate cpu usage.
I cant even backup my files and download it to give to the client.
I request you to give me the backup of my files and database asap.

My site:

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You can get your files and database, but only after you get unsuspended , we can’t help you further.


We need them right now the client is waiting.
Who will be responsible for the loss.

If an account is suspended, it’s locked down, and you cannot access any data on the account. If you exceed the daily limits of your free hosting account, your account will be suspended for 24 hours, and reactivated automatically after those 24 hours.

All you can do is wait. There is nothing we can do for you in the mean time.

Are you seriously expecting us to pay you money because your income relies on something we gave you completely for free? You already got free hosting from us, and now you also want free money?

You’re allowed to use our free hosting for commercial purposes. But you have to remember it’s still free hosting, and we make no guarantees about performance or availability. If you do need those, you may want to consider putting some of your revenue towards making sure your hosting will keep working.

Also, if you care about your website, you should ALWAYS have your OWN backup of your website. Don’t solely trust your hosting provider to keep your data safe. Only with your own backup, you can be sure that you are always in a position to recover your website, no matter what happens.


The site is now not suspended anymore can you now provide me with the backup please.
The ftp is slow and giving lots of errors.

I can’t, sorry. You can backup your files yourself through FTP.

It can be a bit slow depending on the number of files and the distance between you and the FTP server. But it does work.

I’m not sure what errors you see.


I would like to thanks you all because of you guyz. I am save from the scammer client if you guyz have given me the website backup in the morning it would have been a big loss for me :heart::heart:


The site will not be lost if you have backups