Background image doesnt always load

I’ve noticed that my background doesnt always load, I think it could be a cloudflare issue ? im not sure

network tab shows 200 code like it has loaded , its strange

its a strange problem, only this image fails to load but everything else is fine
if I press ctrl-shift-r in firefox the site reloads correctly

i wondered if anyone has an idea on this ? thanks

I’ll check it out when I get on my PC. In the meantime, what is it supposed to look like? (Or what file is is supposed to load)?


@Greenreader9 Thanks :smiley:

instead of a white background it should look like this

I cannot think of why the image doesn’t load, except for the HTTP 508 problem you had a few weeks ago.

Although, I have a recommendation for if the image doesn’t load. Inside the selector where the image is loaded through the background-image: property, add a property to make the background black, like this: background-color: #000;.



yeah doesnt seem to be the 508 issue, its an odd one as it only effects this single image

i like the idea of using black background as a workaround, thanks

----- edit ------

did the workaround thanks, used #00001c which is the background color of the grid tile. Thanks again :+1: :+1: :+1: :+1: :+1:


@lovebug you become synonymous for 508 - everyone remembers you for that :slight_smile:


i should change my name to lovebug508 :rofl:


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