Automatic image deletion problem


I uploaded an image and this image automatically deleted couple day after. Sometimes my php files automatically loading to old version. I don’t understand this problem. I have to fix. Please help me.

Are the files deleting from the site files, or just on how the site viewer views the site.

This is a weird problem, bet here are a few pointer that may help:

  • Use and an FTP client like FileZilla and not monsta file mannager
  • Make sure your browser cache is cleared after each time you upload new files
  • Clear Cloudflare cache

Also, you’d you please send your username and domain name so we can help you out better?



What is the size of your image?

Note that images cannot be over 10MB (IDK why it would 10MB, and usually it deletes right after if that was the case, but stranger things have happened!).

Like other people have stated, check your FTP client and use something like FileZilla.


Firstly thank you for reply. My files not upload with filezilla or monsta. I’ve dynamically site and ı upload at the admin panel.


Firstly thank you for reply. Images size maybe 2mb or 3mb , not 10mb. I uploading image and ı seeing this at my web site. But after couple days this image deleting. Not a problem I often encounter but this problem critical. This problem affecting UX. :worried:

If you are having problems uploading with FileZilla, can you please send us a video or series of screenshots showing how you are trying to do this? There may be something that is not configured correctly.

Edit: read this article first, and if you are still having issues, please do the above. Thanks


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