Autodeletion of html file with OpenStreetMap/Folium map gets autodeleted

I am trying to upload an html file, which is generated by folium package (basically, just shows a map).

However it gets autodeleted.

How can I see why it is being cast as suspicious? There is nothing there except map related stuff from generated by folium.

Thank you.

Hello there,

Have you already checked this Knowledge Base article out?


Yes - none of the possible causes listed in the article apply to my file.
Unless it is being classified as malware for some reason (which it is not).
Therefore I would like to know if it is possible to check for reason it was removed.
Is there a log?

Now sure, just guessing - It could be that infinity does not allow a JavaScript with “backtick” character (which is used in JS for multiline string).

That would be odd, as back tick is part of modern JS standard.

Could someone from Infinity confirm if the above guess is correct?

Just wanted to make sure, is the HTML file (about that folium package) you want to upload larger than 1 Mb? Could you please verify?

Yes, it is 2mb so larger that 1mb.

Contrary to what the KnowledgeBase article says (max size being 10mb), it looks like a much smaller size caused the problem (i.e 2mb). I had to break the page in multiple pieces, putting scripts in a different file, etc, bringing the html size down, and then it worked.

The knowledge base also lists the 1 MB HTML/PHP file size limit:

But it’s further down, which may be a source of confusion.



I see thank you.
Perhaps article could be updated to put all file limits in the same paragraph.

Well just some advice please do read the Knowledge Base articles carefully next time when someone provides you one and don’t rush it.

Yeah I do agree with you.

You can zip and upload the the file, and then extract it. The infinityfree file manager can do it.

Good call, that has been changed now.


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