is already assigned and in use.3 is my domain name and account is epiz_25402864

Error Message

I tried to register the domain into this account which already has a domain in use.
so when I tried to register it show error and then suddenly after two or three trails it shows is already assigned and in use.3. So I tried to remove the domain form addon, but there is no such domain name in the addon . please help

Hey, @epiz_25402864 welcome to the community.

Did you register a new account or created a addon domain in cPanel.

Mostly the cause would be some one else had registered the domain before you and had hosted it with InfinityFree and left it to expire in Freenom and now you would have registered it and you are getting the error.

I also think so.

The domain is currently assigned to a hosting account from someone else on our hosting. Since the domain name already exists in our systems, it can’t be used again right now.

The only good news I have is that the current account is deactivated and will likely be removed in a few weeks.


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