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Im one of those people that are really fussy about Web Pages. This includes the URL. If, to me, the URL doesn’t look right or nice it annoys me. When I visit websites and see .html or .php or some other file type (disincluding things like images) it really really annoys me. Especially when the website is made via a Website Maker like WordPress or some other one. Its stupid. There is a such a simple fix to this and I don’t really get why these Website builders don’t implement it. I can understand more for people, like me that manage all the files manually, more so if your not a code expert.

The whole reason of this post is just to see what other people think. What annoys you on a website?


For me, i hate websites which had many ads that are inappropriately located and overused a webpage space. Super-full ads, which is on the top, bottom, sidebars, videos, “content lockers”, everywhere. It really annoys me. Well, i know people doing this because money but it is really annoying…


Yep, Same :expressionless:

ADS locations like that.

What happened here??

After pressing Ctrl + F5




Yep, I agree with what @JavesPotato said. Also, I hate those things where you have to do those human bot verification surveys like “Win an iPhone11” or “Win a £1000 Nike Gift Card”.


WoW. That’s a scam

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Oh yeah, and National Consumer whatevs…

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All I can say is a I agree to everything! Those ‘are you human’ surveys really wind me up. I needed a MySQL Database for my friends site (not on InfinityFree) and the most popular site needed you to complete a survey to create a Database. Of course, once this survey was complete, nothing happened. I couldn’t create a Database so its just like that is the fudging point of this site if you can’t create a Database.

Yeah, And who knows what data they collect when you press/enter the survey

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What is the simple fix then for hiding the annoying .html?

As for what annoys me, well, it’s those sites where you want to read something, but up comes something that gets in the way, trying to offer you something that you might be interested in after you’ve read the thing you came to the page for, but not until then. If you close the notice though (which I do automatically regardless of what brilliant thing it is offering), it never comes back later when you’re ready for it. If they want you to take an interest in something of that kind, they should wait until you’ve reached the end of the page.

If your talking about hiding .html on Blogger/Blogspot then I have a special blog post for it:

But for HTML, you would create a folder, say if your file was bees.html, you would create a folder named bees, and in the bees folder, you would create a new file called index.html, and copy the content of bees.html to index.html

That’s what I had to do to make some old links into my site work with it now hosted here, but I don’t want to do that as standard because it means all files end up being called index and you also have a proliferation of unnecessary folders.

It’s a bad suggestion, because it’ll increase your used inodes to 2x.

With googling the issue.


Wow, never though of it that way.