Are You Going To Let Me Access My E Mails Today?

Are you going to let me read mt e-mails today or what?? It was fine yesterday, now it is down again… We are trying to run a non profit voluntary organisation here, sort it out…

It’s a known issue that the email system is unreliable. You already asked about this multiple times before, and the answer is still the same:

Yes, we know it’s broken. No, I can’t fix this right now. No, I don’t know when this will be fixed. If you want a reliable email service right now, don’t use our email service at this time.

I have no idea how to move my e-mail from here to somewhere else, how do I go about moving it then, what would you advise… Yes it’s the same question, but if I gave answers like you to my boss, I would get fired, we are entitled to ask questions, and report faults, and it is your job to fix the issues is it not?? I just want my e-mail to work, that’s all, nothing personal against you…

InfinityFree’s service is provided by iFastNet; InfinityFree’s admins have no control over the email service. I’m not sure if it’s affected by the same service, but if it works then you can set up an email redirect, which you can do in the control panel. Your users can then email the redirect address (i.e. [email protected]) which then forwards it to another address with another provider (i.e. [email protected]).


ah that sounds possible, hopefully the admin will confirm if this will work… thanks for the advice…

You can use any other email service which let’s you use your own domain. I believe Zoho still has a (limited) free tier which you could try. You will need to change some DNS settings on your hosting account, but the email provider should be able to tell what

Yes, I know that this issue should be fixed. But iFastNet is already working on a proper solution. And I can assure you that reporting the same issue over and over again is not going to make iFastNet’s developers work faster.

I know you would like to see some updates, but I don’t have any updates. And I don’t like to have to repeat that every time the email system goes down again.

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