Are topless photos of women allowed on free hosting?

I cannot be discriminatory against women; because of the free the nipple movement. I am going to have to allow this type of content at my discretion. No images will be hosted and only from outside sources. I am also going to allow derogatory language; as a constitutional amendment of freedom of speech. My only rules are no porn and follow the law. Otherwise, post whatever you want. We wish to follow these terms of service in compliance with your terms of service; to the best of our ability. With strict moderation 24/7 by trusted moderators and myself, the admin.

As long as it doesn’t violate the TOS, (please note it says it is not limited to the items listed.)


Depends what byet/infinityfree’s definition of nudity is but it clearly states on the byet TOS (who own ifastnet who inherently host infinityfree (or something like that)) that nudity is not allowed on free hosting accounts


Topless women would definitely qualify as “adult content”. So please don’t host or display that content on our hosting.


Or any other mofh reseller.

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Thought i can go off-topic a bit:

Some sites like (didn’t find non furry-friendly site) allow mature and adult artworks but heavily filtering them.
like guests and registered minor users cannot view them or if they do it, they’ll be permantely banned.

Adult and NSFW content aren’t allowed in some of countries, and viewing those content is forbidden there.
It’s rule of infinityfree (and maybe other mofh sites) to ban Adult content, asking to allow them isn’t allowed either.


Topless furries you say… I think should allow nudity with pornpress websites. It would be a good marketing strategy… Get as many people hosting here as possible and then they will buy premium. People are more likely to get more than 50,000 hits with adult content.

Horniness alert…

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But then google might degrade the search quality of infintyfree due to it host mature content which in turn is bad for publicity

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Host it on a new site. Just link to it and confirm age when creating an account. Google will allow the link if it contains no nudity or adult content itself. The service will be accepted and it won’t degrade InfinityFree. It would be it’s own separate entity with similar services.

No, i said content related to adult content.


I wonder if they can upgrade me to premium hosting for free. My link will serve as payment for as long as I am hosted with them. I can keep my current domain.

Topless women classifiies as “Adult Content” which is against infinityfree & ifastnets ToS.


Admin already said that, but the OP is disagreeing.

Why free?! To me, their monthly cost is cheap. (although I cannot pay for them myself because of few reasons, but I also not want their service for free.)


Listen Person who thinks they are anonymous or some sht, you can’t get much things in life for free. And infinityfree is one of those exclusive examples. Don’t nag someone who currently has a lot of work on their hands for a cheap subscription for free. Who do you think you are?


Sure, we could attract a lot of new people if we dropped all content restrictions and would allow anyone to host anything with us. Everyone would be able to use our service so we get a lot more business!

But then we also have a bunch of bored teenage script kiddies making enemies with other script kiddies and using some $5 DDoS stresser to hammer our servers, taking down all sites until our servers get inevitably seized by law enforcement for all of the illegal stuff we’re openly inviting and refuse to do anything to stop.

Yep, that’s great for business!

Porn content and hacking are shunned by many hosting providers, and we may be on the more strict end of the spectrum. But the cyber bunker hacker hosting type market is a niche for a reason. We don’t enforce restrictions just to bully you.


Look, no pornography and although the campaign might be sort of reasonable, this is not the place to hold a website about this campaign. And seizure of servers would not be great, because this hosting service will cease to function.

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i kind of agree to that… the people who ddos infinityfree server not just causes their site to suspend but the whole entire server and that will annoy more then just two of them…


Hello @RobertKarash,

You are not the only one using Infinity Free for hosting websites and allowing those rubbish will result in rubbish haters leaving InfinityFree. Isn’t that a lot of business, huh? That’s why lot’s of hosting providers ban these rubbish. Isn’t that enough?

I’m totally disagreeing with your statements, @RobertKarash.