Are there any preset portrait css features?

I would like to know, if there are any mobile optimization features? I would like my website to change when the width changes, so that the website looks normal. Are there any features in infinityfree that allows you to do this? I know react.js has this, but I was wondering if you could do it from infinityfree, or another software that can link to infinityfree.

We let you do whatever you want with css. That is up to you. As for built in portrait css, it’s there, but you have to know how to use it properly (and implement it in the first place).

A quick Google search returns this:


Thanks for the response!

Yeah, I have been trying that. I was wondering if you had presets, like any sort of packages I could import? If not, that’s fine also.

Huh? You can use pre-built CSS templates like Halfmoon, Bootstrap, etc. They come with mobile support.

If you are coding your own site, you have to code your own CSS to work with the screen sizes that you want it to work with


Oh, alright. Thanks!


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