Hello, my website is Before 2 weeks I set up on my website, I am using WordPress so I wanted to use their plugin but it didn’t work. So then I made little subsite
where I was asking. It is working, but I would like to have on all website and I think I need the plugin for it. I have the plugin but it doesn’t show arc icon at left bottom and my website isn’t earning.

I think the Arc WordPress plugin won’t work on pages external to WordPress, so you will need to add the widget code on that page too. Another alternative is adding the widget on the header’s PHP file (which will contain the head tag) then including it on all pages.


Thank you I will do it.

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Here is another solution…

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Thank you but Ergastolator1’s solution is easy to achieve.

Is easy but your Arc widget will disappear everytime there is a theme update…


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