Apparently, the redirect to my subdomain is incorrect

My subdomain,, is fully propagated, but redirects to I’d love to see it corrected! Thanks

Looks ok to me



Guess I’ll check out some other hosts that work!

That would be a DNS issue on your end, so nothing is really wrong with InfinityFree’s servers.

Please see this article:


If you see a parking page, it means the domain is not propagated. Or our nameservers are returning bad records, which given that we can see your site seems unlikely.


Host file cleared, DNS flushed,…


IE gets a 403 error. Sure appears as if its on your end! My IP blocked perhaps?

This used to be a descent service. I guess all things change in time!

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Things change, only issue is on your end.

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Amazing how no one I’ve asked to check it, see’s the sight. Time to go to another service. Thanks anyway!


Note that the issue is with the domain really, so getting a different one would solve the problem. For example, a .com domain is less then $10 a year, and will also get you much better google rankings.

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Ya There is actually good offers on domain and if you are from india and have a pan card you can actually get a zoho .com domin for free

… except for the DNS cache at your ISP, which you can’t clear, but apparently still has the default parking page in their cache.

Please try switching to a better DNS resolver, like Cloudflare’s service instead. Once you set that up, clear your computer’s DNS cache for good measure and try opening your site. You’ll see your website immediately, just like we all do.

  • It’s not a 403 error.
  • It’s not an issue on our end.
  • It’s not caused by an IP block.
  • This has always been the case.

Nothing has changed. Except for the DNS at your ISP apparently.


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