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my existing website style is not working instead of the existing style, previously uploaded style is seen in the website.

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I uploaded a website yesterday evening and made some changes like the light red color in the background at below 360px noe when i changed the background to white it was not effective when i revisited so i deleted all files and uploaded once again but still the previous style page is seen to effect the html page.

someone help me please?


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Can you clear your browser cache and try again?
or simply open in an incognito tab

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yes it worked but how am i supposed to see it in normal browser mode? without incognito on.

That is because of your browser caching the files, a simple fix is ctrl+r

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okay thank you so much for the reply @anon77371365 have a good day.:grin:

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:smiley: can you mark my reply as solution?

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