Apostrophes turned into Question Marks


I used a 2000 version of Word but it uploaded and looked good for a while. Now all the apostrophes appear as a question mark in a black diamond.

Is there anything I can do? I was thinking to convert the file to whatever Google Docs is, as opposed to buying a subscription to the latest Word. Can I upload a google doc into the system instead?



You really should not be using a rich text editor like Word or Docs at all. Using a program like Notepad (Windows), Sublime Text, VS Code, or Notepad++ will work a lot better, and you won’t have to worry about encoding errors.


Cool. Thanks. I’ll look into that. With Notepad I can create a file and upload it as I did with Word?

Yes. You can create the file in file explorer, then edit it in notepad.


Producing HTML pages with Word is fine. However, Word, being a Windows tool, will produce files with Windows specific encoding, which do not work well on the web.

You should be able to change this though. I found this article from Microsoft on how to change file encodings:

You’ll want to change the encoding to “UTF-8”. It may also say something like Unicode. UTF-8 is pretty much the universal standard on the web.


In seriousness tho, don’t use Word as your IDE. There are specific tools for each purposes.


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