Any one use free SSL for the free subdomain?

Few years ago, there was no easy way to get the free SSL for epizy’s subdomain.

But now, I just noticed there are three options which are free.

Is ZeroSSL already sufficient? After 90days, is it automatically renewed by InfinityFree?

Any why “Self Signed” is best for cloudflare?
Can anyone explain? thanks

If you decide to use these, I would not use GoGetSSL as it says your site is partially secure. Not sure if ZeroSSL is auto-renewed, I use ZeroSSL.

Not exactly sure.

I use ZeroSSL and it does not auto-renew, you have to renew it yourself.

I use ZeroSSL for my subdomains and Let’s Encrypt for my main domain. My main domain is a custom domain.

You do not have to renew the Self Signed every 90 days (like it says on the cards). I used GoGetSSL for a long time and I never had any problems. The biggest difference between ZeroSSL and GoGet SSL is the ACME. With ZeroSSL, you do not have to create a new CNAME each time you go to request a certificate; whereas with GoGetSSL you must create a new CNAME each time. Also, it is worth noting the chain of trust on GoGetSSL and ZeroSSL are the same. Both use the USERTrust (Sectigo) CA.


I do not have another problem with GoGetSSL but it shows that it is not fully secure.

Yea, if I open my site (which uses GoGetSSL) it’s untrusted again for some reason :v

That is why I use ZeroSSL for Subdomains while using Let’s Encrypt SSL for my root domain.

None of the certificates are automatically renewed. There is no way for us to automatically upload new certificates to the control panel, so you’ll need to do that yourself.

Because you don’t need to renew it every 2-3 months, and with Cloudflare in front of it you don’t get SSL errors as you would with using a self signed certificate directly.

I’m not sure what you mean by this, but I can think of two reasons:

  • SSL checkers say the certificate installation is incomplete. This is because the control panel doesn’t support CA Chains. It doesn’t matter which SSL provider you use.
  • You get mixed content warnings. This is an error in your website. Your HTTPS is fine but your website code is not setup correctly to use it.

I’ve tried GoGetSSL once more and now I do not have that issue.

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