Any one please help

I will put this topic on other discussion cuz i’m confused

I am using wordpress

where did you see this error?

No error but i don’t want my website to consume a lot of data

What do you mean? Wordpress is normally that in file size.

I wonder if he means bandwidth used visiting this site.

It really Depends on how often you visit your website, how many data is being loaded from your website and etc etc.


So am I!

What kind of MB are we looking at here? Where did you see this? What do the grey and blue numbers mean?

And what would you like to know about them?

gray means used
blue means saved

Can you please give a complete screenshot?

I think he means bandwidth used while visiting a site in one month.

I don’t know about you, but I would rather know what a question is about than have to guess it.

So, @Erraticstuff can you please answer ALL my questions? Not just jot down a few words and a snippet of a screenshot and expect people to understand what you mean?

(and flagging your own topic doesn’t clarify things either)


@Admin You sound fairly frustrated today. It’s okay. We are here to get as much information as needed to answer questions as far as we can correctly, or at least help you out. Since you are the only one with information, we can only help out so much. In the end, you are the only one who can answer correctly. So, don’t lose your cool over people in the forum. Some are just concerned, some are just trying to help.


It just was a thinking but also seek for more info Btw.

The guess was because it looks like the Google Chrome bandwidth cacher i also have on my phone. Sorry if I was just bothering :slight_smile:

Edit: I meant Google Chrome data saver. Sorry.


I am I guess. The summer heat is taking it’s toll.

I’m just a bit confused why sometimes there are very long debates between many people to figure out what someone’s question actually means, while the person who asked the question is nowhere to be found.

Generally speaking, if you’re asking for help, it’s your responsibility to provide the necessary information to help you. Other people shouldn’t have to play detective just to figure out what your question means.


Chill Everyone


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