does not work

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Why my page called does not work? I didn’t upload any files, the htdocs directory is completely empty.

Error Message


HTTPS won’t work on subdomain. Open it using

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I can’t, I’m redirected to https.

Can you provide us the code inside your .htaccess file? So we can check any rules that would force redirect your site to https.

the htdocs directory is completely empty

As you can see I don’t have any .htaccess file :slight_smile:


I just checked your site and it does not automatically redirects me to https. Can you try clearing your browser cache? or use Incognito Mode to evade your normal browser’s cache?


You’re right, it’s cache :slight_smile: Thank you for your help!

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Just in case you want a FREE SSL Certificate for your website


@katufo, the first link isn’t helping as it is about why and cannot be used.

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There are more info about it.

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