An error occurred when I uploaded the file

**My website URL is:**
What I’m seeing is:
I get an error when I upload a file
“Error during FTP upload, at “/htdocs/1-0038-mp49.ts”: STOR command failed (path: /htdocs/1-0038-mp49.ts).”
I’m using this software:
File Manager
Additional information:

my Username is epiz_25213310

Is this intended for media storage or as a streaming service?
Ts file are a form of video/media format.
There is a limit of 10MB in a file. (Each file can only be 10MB or less)

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I want to make a video playback website


Then please delete my video file

please read 6(9)

load, post, email, transmit or otherwise make available any material that is of broadcast / streaming types.


And we can’t delete the file. You have to do that.

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