Am I able to host this?

Hi there!

I just wanted to know if I can host this within Infinity Free’s “free tier”.

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Hello @juoumm!

Short answer: Yes, but there may be consequences.

Long answer: It’s not technically forbidden, but similarly to URL shorteners, you need to make sure that only those trusted can use it. Pastebin type sites are often used to share malicious links and other dangerous/illegal content, and you will be held responsible for anything on your site, even if you didn’t put it there.

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Alright, I’ll take that into consideration. Sorry to bother you, I shouldn’t be asking this, but, in the repo is written that in order to install it I need to install a package by running “npm install”. How do I do this? Is there any hidden terminal in InfinityFree that I am unaware of? Thank you.

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To be honest, I have no idea what that is (I’ve never used it for anything). Try downloading the files and uploading them, and if that doesn’t work you will have to wait for someone else.

Not a problem! (And you should always ask questions, that show you learn!)

Likely not possible



Haste is an open-source pastebin software written in node.js

We only support PHP as a programming language on our servers, so you can’t run anything written in Node.js here.

There are Pastebin type scripts that are written in PHP which you could try HOWEVER it is VERY IMPORTANT you understand the same warning as we give with URL shorteners. Which is: sites like that are loved by spammers to share their malicious URLs, and we’re holding you responsible for all content that gets published on your site. So if you don’t sufficiently protect your website against spam, we’re taking your site down and you won’t get it back.


Noted. Thank you!


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