Alternative verification?

Hello, I had hoped to use infinityfree to host website protected with cloudflare. I have .de domain. Cloudflare nameservers work well, but, the only verification method here on infinityfree is nameserver. The infinityfree nameserver does not work for .de. Any otherway to verify? Like txt record or something like that?

Thank you

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Unfortunately, there is no other way that you can verify your domain here due to the way our system is designed. This means that .de domains won’t work with InfinityFree.


Its unfortunate I also tried A, CNAME record simply pointing to free subdomain here, but doing so redirects to

Well anyway, thank you for help. I hope in the future a new verification is added at least to use A and CNAME for pointind .de to free subdomain

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.de domains do work on cloudflare. COuld you maybe share your registrar?

Please note that you can need to change to byets nameservers once, add the domain in cPanel, and then also can switch back to either cloudflare or your original registrar nameservers.

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